‘Queer Codebreakers’ at Jubilee Library, Brighton (15-17th Feb. 2019)

In August 2018 a digital art commission was advertised. The broad remit of the commission was that it must incorporate archival content of the Queer in Brighton oral history project and should aim to present this content (oral history testimonies) in new, innovative and interactive ways. We asked that the artist evoke a distant reading of these personal narratives and that they should be sensitive to the topics and subjects raised.

Elle Castle, computational artists, won this commission. Elle’s installation, ‘Queer Codebreakers’, enables users to explore the parallels between ciphers, espionage, coded queer communication and the fragility of oral history. The installation, which incorporates snippets from the Queer in Brighton oral history collection, will launch during LGBT History month and will exhibit in the Jubilee Library from 15-17th Feb. 2019.

For a chance to speak with the artist join us on Saturday 16th February (11.00-13.00) when Elle Castle will speak about the installation and their inspiration for the piece. Laurence Hill, the Director of the Brighton Digital Festival and advisor for this project, will talk about where the project sits within the context of the festival and provide a response to the installation, and Dr. Sharon Webb, Lecturer in Digital Humanities at the University of Sussex, will also speak about the wider significance of the installation and the motivation for this commission.

Access to the ‘Queer Codebreakers’ installation is free and open to the public from Friday 15th February to Sunday 17th February. The talk on Saturday 16th is also free but booking is required.

The commission might be the final piece of this British Academy grant, ‘Identity, Representation, and Preservation in Community Digital Archives and Collections’, but it is not the final comment on the subject.